Have you done your part to care about your mom or dad. In the challenging world where you are working hard to earn a living, asked yourself :- who is taking care of your parents? Leaving them at home for those above the age of 90 is not a responsible act. At Golden Living Retirement home, we do provide day care services with meal, lodgings, entertainment and daily exercise routine. We can even arrange daily massage therapist to help your folks. A respected and reputable nursing home in Penang

Golding Living Retirement home is not like any ordinary retirement home. We are NOT Old Folks Home and you would not want to feel sorry for giving us a chance to care for your folks. The retirement home provide full or half day care for older folks. At Golden Living, we DO NOT keep unwilling folks from staying because we value human freedom. We want the older folks to understand that WE ARE NOT OLD FOLKS HOME.

Golden Living
41, Lengkok Burma,
Pulau Tikus,
10350 P. Pinang,

Handphone Number 1: 012- 476 7866
Handphone Number 2: 012- 438 4005
Email: goldenlivingsb@gmail.com

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