Have you ever wondered what will happen to you as your age catches up? Have you ever thought where would you be if you are left alone without a family or any close by relatives? At Golden Living Home, we provide a comfy  stay with proper care for anyone who desire to take an early break from working world. Our retirement home is situated in Pulau Tikus far away from the the centre of Georgetown. There environment here is really amazing with green lush of trees and serene of beauty. You will never get bored because there are tons of things you can do to keep yourself occupied.

What do we provide

  1. ASTRO Cable TV
  2. WIFI services
  3. Laundry Services
  4. Good Meal

What is near our place

  1. 5 minutes from Gurney Mall if you are taking Grab Services
  2. 5 minutes from Gurney Paragon if you are taking Grab Services
  3. Ample of food stalls  with just 10 minutes walk

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